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Sato Tekko Co., Ltd. continued offering a necessary technique, a product to the society for comfortable society and living through a technique of the metalwork since the establishment of a business of (1909) for 100 remainders year in 1909. I want to continue making an effort every day I do it, and to contribute to a motto by the social creation that is new in the future when the visitor is new in the following things as for the thing of management philosophy, "I contribute to the making of rich society through a product having high quality" still more.
  1. Work on an environmental issue thoroughly and carry out a little technology of a load to the environment and the business activity to which a product is offered.
  2. Keep challenging new technical development daringly, and keep supplying the product with the high quality to society in stable way.
  3. Correspond to customer's needs quickly and grow as the manufacturer which can propose.
  4. Protect and bring up the human resources' upbringing to achieve the above mentioned thing and the sincere corporate culture full of the bounce trusted from everybody.

Please take care of everybody's guidance lash continuously.

Tomonori Sato
 President, Sato Tekko Co., Ltd.

SATO TEKKO CO.,LTD. 5-1, 6-chome, Minoridai, Matsudo-shi, Chiba 270-2231,Japan.
TEL: +81-47-394-8181. FAX: +81-47-361-6836.
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